About Us

Welcome to Animeccos!

We are a trading company specializing in the design, development and sale of cosplay costumes and down jacket. We sell a variety of costumes. We support the customization of the products to map.. If you don’t find something quite to your taste, just tell us what you want and let our team of professional art designers show you their magic design. Your wish is our design!

With this in mind, our aim is to ensure you get the most out of that relationship and bring you convenience.

All of our Animeccos Staff have been hand-picked because of their exceptional costumes knowledge and passion for cosplay costumes and down jacket.

We believe that unique, well-made products have the power to create some of life’s best moments. Our product is created just for you, with a passion for the creative, the whimsical, and the unexpected—with true, unmistakable quality, assured license integrity, and expert know-how that could only come from years of creating products people love.No matter how much time it takes, our goal has always remained the same—to create inspired products that have the power to inspire you and create unforgettable memories with your friends and family.

For product updates, we tightly follow the international trends, and update the current hottest products from time to time, as well as continuously screen and optimize. For creativity, we will never stop!

Thank you for visiting our store,hope everything goes well with you.

Address:Room 1004,Floor 10,Unit 1,Building 1,No. 1666 Longmian Street,Chenghua District,Chengdu City,Sichuan Province,China